#21 anacronopete

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What kind of word is this anyhow?

Dear Nana, dear Internet,
Wow, the sky was burning when the year turned. If this is what happens when humanity becomes conscious about the passing of time, I am kind of glad time machines are not household items.

Now that we could open the last .pdf I understand it makes sense for Ben to do research in all areas for occurrences of time travel, so I took a dive at it as well. Did you know one of the first occurrences of time travel was in the Japanese fairy tale?

Fisherman Urashima Taro was kind to a princess disguised as a turtle. They married and lived for three days in an ocean palace, then he wanted to return to land. She cried and gave him a gift, making him promise to never open it. He went back to land, gift in hand, but three hundred years had passed and every one he knew was dead. He got sad and couldn’t find his way back to the ocean palace. Finally he opened his wife’s gift, in it were his mortal years. He instantly aged and died.

The story was told to children to teach them obedience. I guess Ben didn’t care for that angle, but then neither would I

So thanks to Escobar, m. and towe we are one step closer to finding out how to build a time machine. Hannah got back from the Chaos Computer Club congress and managed to free a few more files, amongst them another password protected .pdf and yet another film file. I’ve tried names of all the time machines I came across, but I think it must be something else.


Walking through ashes and snow,

5 thoughts on “#21 anacronopete

  1. Hey Rielle, how great to see your progress! Is it just me or do others also have problems with the video? It wont play for me… I hope it can be fixed soon.

    1. Hey Escobar, I changed it to autoplay. Seems to be the only way to make it go. Should work now.

  2. Sometimes, the solution is closer than you think. It’s “timezone” #facepalm

    1. ha! That is ridiculously simple. Still it took the longest time yet, so maybe it’s a smart pass code after all? Or maybe Ben just didn’t have a real system for encryption. Maybe he was planning a travel when he wrote this? Who knows..

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