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Dear Internet, Dear Nana,

Imagine my surprise, when I found out that the word deezer, which in our time simply means a slow walking person in someone else’s path, was never a compound word combining “driving“ and “geezer,“ but was a throwback to all those badly produced rent-a-bikes instead! I’ve been riding behind people on these bikes for a while now. The name and meaning still check out. No one can ride these machines in a graceful, speedy manner. It’s a weird example of shareconomy established by capitalism in disguise.

Hannah’s friends work in a self-help bike-shop, they showed me what to look for in a good bicycle and how to do maintenance on one so it can stay nice and reliable. One of them seems to be interested in integrating a single chip computer with some sensors so as to measure what kind of traffic there is around the bike. I’m trying to find a way to ask them for help in building the machine without letting on what its actual purpose is. If I can use Ben’s space for that, I might try and pass it off as art.

None of today‘s bikes are a.i. enhanced, but otherwise they are not so different from the bikes we still use in my time. Few things have lasted this long with so little change.

Today I saw the sun. I was on my bike and the entire street was filled with people turning their faces to the yellow globe like a choir of meerkats. It was one of those fleeting, magical moments life gives us.

While we were all getting greasy hands and working on bikes that could ride on the icy streets with big fat tires, Hannah managed to turn up a few more files. These are the last ones. If they don’t contain a new lead, I fear I’ll be stuck here forever.

As per usual, it’s an image and a password protected .pdf


Dear internet, you’ve helped me many times before, can you do it again?

Rolling with it,


3 thoughts on “#25 riding a bike

  1. Dear R,

    this one appears to be tricky. My research lead me to the surdarshana chakra, apparently a mythological device in the possession of the hindu god Vishnu. It is also sometimes called “the wheel of time.” Sounds like a promising path. I will continue looking for passwords and a connection to “ftl”.

    Speaking about religion and gods… what’s you times take on the whole religion nexus. Is it a thing? Do people believe in godly powers? Could the existence of God be proven? Have new religious systems, e.g. related to technology, emerged?

  2. Dear R,

    I just stumbled across your blog — a fascinating story !

    @towe : sorry, I think you are on the wrong path. FTL stands for “faster than light” and I think Ben was referring to George Sudarshan, a physicist who was known for the postulation of the existence of tachyons — theoretical particals “faster than light.” So, the password is tachyons 🙂 You probably “know” them from Star Trek (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShCV_JhBSbo).

    @Rielle: as a physicist myself, I will be delighted to continue reading about your story. Let me know if you need someone to talk to.


  3. Dear Rielle,
    Let me apologize first for the poor English. It is translated automatically.
    For months I have been looking for a sign of life from Ben. I trained and supported all RSS filters and hashtags on it. But nothing happened. As I was in despair, I made heavy reproaches. I was sure that I killed my best friend. Of course, we both knew that our experiment was fraught with high risk. But Ben could not resist becoming the first traveler of mankind. The plan was to change the timeline with Ben, in which the current Ben does not go on a journey, but to me. On the assumption that a jump in time must always be a quantum jump in a parallel sequence of events called reality. This Ben, let’s call him Ben (x1) for the sake of simplicity, except for the decision not to travel, had all the knowledge necessary to communicate with me.
    But now you are here! What a wonderful awful event! It is remarkable in the eyes of science, because you have proven that mass compression and transmission of information are possible, at least within the boundaries of the linked gene pool. By the way, I hope that you are in order and that you have come here completely and intact. Of course, you must be terribly in such a lost state. I spent the night reading your letters and notes. Oh, if I only knew from your arrival how much easier I could do for you.
    But even Ben took precautions. I had no idea where he was accumulating the device. Anyway, I’m so glad to meet you. And, of course, I have to help you turn back and, I hope, bring Ben here the same turn. You have already learned a lot, as I read. You’re lucky that even in a sea full of trolls, spam and bots, the network community sometimes has a swarm of intelligence that shall not be underestimated.
    You see, Ben has a strange sense of humor when it comes to encryption. I told him from the very beginning that one should use PGP, but he had a lot of fun creating these puzzles, and I, frankly, liked the challenge for solution. In addition, let us be honest, who could believe that the old Russian and the depressed artist build a working time machine? Who believes it now, except you and me? I leave you a contact address with this comment … Please use PGP for our further communication, yes? I will contact you as soon as I find a way to help you.
    Your ally through all of time,

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