#41 change is gonna come

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I know it’s technically not Sunday anymore, but I am putting together this exhibition for all of you, which is why I lost track of time a bit. Forgive me.

Let’s face it. I could try and describe all the awesome gadgets and gimmicks that I’ve seen in the future, but that would just be a list of things you could see in any science fiction flick that’s out there right now.
The trend of tech from an imagined future becoming reality won’t stop with the tricoder that became the cellphone. The attitude we decide to propose to the world will shape it , so in that sense, the future isn’t a foreign country, it’s a variation of a theme.

However, if this was the only thing leading the shape of time, we wouldn’t last all that long. I can recite a list of doomsday tales, from ancient texts to modern narratives, whichhave become so much more prevalent in recent decades. They are so prevalent, in fact, that it seems hard for a contemporary person to begin to imagine a progression that isn’t headed to the inevitable abyss of some sort of apocalypse without being seen as naive.

Do we secretly all want to get it over with? Has existential angst and fear of the unknown convinced us deep down that we don’t deserve to continue as a species, that we might as well go out with a bang?

This useless speculation on my part is a prelude to the great ‘still’ of a world seemingly burning up in a slow cooker.
Still, we will prevail. Technological marvels and medical wonders aside, the most incredible thing about the future isn’t what it has produced, but how the people have changed.

By growing up in a system that prioritizes humans and community over wealth and power accumulation, the highest virtues have become empathy and kindness.

Materialistic ownership is not a goal anymore, but a burden, a responsibility not to be taken on lightly .

The future fulfilled Mühsam’s dream and survived because of it, not despite it. A humanity united by compassion has used their combined force to tackle the screwed up environmental, economic and violence filled disaster they inherited from us.

Yeah, I know, it sounds like a pipe dream.

219 days of it have saved my sanity, to be quite honest. During the first few weeks I was distressed, disoriented, scared. But Salma, or Nana, as Rielle referres to her, found me and guided me get used to my situation. My mental health wasn’t in the greatest condition, to put it lightly. Thankfully Salma noticed that something was up and got me an appointment at… well some sort of medical center. The thing that has dominated my whole life, the imbalance of manic depression, cured in less than a day. You know how people are excited about laser eye therapy because they can suddenly see without glasses? Imagine that, but with emotions. I told you: medical miracles.

Dear Rielle,

This will be my last post, as I feel that I’ve said what I wanted to say, and until we find a way to make time travel safe enough, you and I will have to stay in our own time.
Sid is already working on new ideas, mostly because Hanna has written us both and is very adamant about seeing you again. I can imagine you would feel the same way.

As for you, dear Internet,
You can still write me if you have questions, or just come by on Friday.
Hope to see you there,


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